Bahçeşehir University is mindful of students entering university in the direction of their skills, interests, and ability, therefore it has implemented the “Admission” model instead of an exam system that measures students’ success based on a curriculum. University candidates request admission from the University by applying to ApplyBAU. Documents that state their personal qualities, abilities, studies on projects and ideas, social responsibility works are requested from students when applying for admission. While applying, the student will clarify which field or department he or she wants to study. As a result of the evaluation, the student is informed with an "acceptance certificate" in which field and the department he/she should study regardless of his/her academic success. During this process, the committee has the right to interview students. In this way, students will have the chance to receive education according to their differences and personal skills. ApplyBAU approaches every candidate student as an individual. It embraces all qualities and differences of candidate students and has evaluation criteria that oppose all discrimination topics.

ApplyBAU is an application for getting a scholarship. It is necessary to apply formally from the link below.

ApplyBAU 2024-2025

ApplyBAU, the first and latest university application model in Turkey that gives students the chance to study in the department they want, fulfills the youth's dreams in its 9th year too.

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