How Do You APPLY?

Click the “Apply!” page and create an account through New User Sign In. Fill in the information requested and then, perform the activation process with the code sent to the e-mail address you registered.
02Sign in!
After performing the activation process you can sign in to the system with your user name and password. The “Sign In!” button on the home page will be active for later sign-ins.
03Talk about yourself!
We prepared headings down below to not limit you but to guide you correctly.

a. The First Thing You Need To Do To Talk About Yourself, Is Speak About Who You Are
• You can mention your interests.
• If you have any studies in fields such as sport, art, etc. you can talk about them.
• You can talk about areas that you develop yourself or you think about developing yourself in.
• If there are competitions, events you attended, or awards you have received in any branch, you can mention them.
• You should mention your work in the field of social responsibility.

b. Talk About Your Projects
If you have any projects that you have been involved in since the first day of your education life, we would like you to explain in detail by paying attention to the following headings.
• How did you start your Project?
• Why did you choose this Project?
• What is the main theme of the Project?
• What are the stages you developed?
• Did you present your Project to any contest or event?

c. If You Don’t Have Projects, Talk About Your Dreams and Ideas!
If you don’t have a project you are involved in, we expect you to talk about your ideas, dreams, and goals.
• When going forward, what kind of studies are you planning to do in your department?
• What kind of university life and career are you aiming for?
• What are your project ideas and dreams for the future? You can talk about those.
04 First, prepare your application draft!
Here is a little advice for you; firstly, instead of the form, you can work on your application on a Word document, you can add links, these areas will help you.

Things To Be Careful About:
You can upload comprehensive information that you want to add about your project from the Load File area, in PDF, Link, PNG formats.
05 Last Step…
You don’t have to finish your application on the same day. It will save your readjustments automatically.
When you are sure that it's ready you can submit it to evaluation with the “Complete Application” button on the last page.
06 How will I learn my result?
The result of your application will be sent to you by e-mail from Bahçeşehir University.

D O N T F O R G E T !

The ApplyBAU application is for a scholarship only. You must make the official application from the link below.

ApplyBAU 2024-2025

ApplyBAU, the first and latest university application model in Turkey that gives students the chance to study in the department they want, fulfills the youth's dreams in its 9th year too.

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